Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Goddess of Death, My Anna Dressed in Blood

I recognize that my book review from last week was a bit short. Unless I have an extremely strong opinion I promise to keep it short. Not everyone likes a 5 paragraph essay encouraging people to read the book. I am simply giving you a brief summary and my opinion on whether it should be read or not. Take it, leave it, my concern is small. I love book blogging because it makes me feel like in some distant universe I am helping someone. Some librarian is thanking me for my tags and my thoughtful insight. We can all dream.
Cas is a ghost killer. That's right, he kills the dead. Those urban legends that hunt and kill humans are his business. Armed with only his father's knife, Cas feels this is his destiny. But deep down he's just like every other teenage boy: moves states/countries frequently, has a witch for a mother, and his father was killed by a man eating demon. Typical teenage stuff. Cas and his mother come to a new town in Canada, where the ghost of Anna Dressed in Blood awaits. Cas knows upon first arrival at the house that she will not be an easy kill. She has dismembered all who enter the house and shows no mercy to any. However, she spares his life. Cas must figure out the puzzle tying Anna to the house before more people lose their lives. Can he avenge the dead and put one more notch in his belt? Or will she destroy his destiny forever?
The concept for the book was compelling. A teenage boy killing off the dangerous urban legends is really interesting, new, and exciting. The author puts in scenarios that are so different and fresh that I couldn't help but love this book. Ghosts, demons, and witches always make for a creepy story line. It was spooky, it was romantic, it was just the book I needed. Call me bah humbug scrooge, but the cutesy romantic, wedding, damsel stories are not exactly on my favorite things lists near the holidays. I was in Zales the other day with the boy and I almost started crying looking at engagement rings. I'll stick with Buffy on this one.
Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake is a must read. It's a spooky story with a twist that can make your spine cold. And, next year this time Blake will release the second, Girl of Nightmares. Something amazing to look forward to next Christmas. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes...

Emily Winters was always the good friend. Loyal, cautious, and willing to please her best friend, Gabby. She never anticipated falling for Zack, Gabby's boyfriend. But she feels a connection, and she knows he feels it too. Gabby goes away for a week during the Christmas Break, and while she's away Emily can't help but get closer to Zach.
On the other side of town, Chase Singer has issues of his own. Growing up poor, he was always seen as a charity case, until he became the football star. Now he masks his misfortune. But he has a very dark secret only one person knows, and she's in a coma.
Coincidentally, three cousins: Ty, Ali, and Meg: have stumbled into town and captured Em and Chase's attention. The girls know the secrets and betrayals these two have committed. Em and Chase have been chosen to pay for their actions. An eye for an eye.
I picked up Fury by Elizabeth Miles purely on cover design. The book is great! I thought it was neat how Miles made references to Macbeth. The three girls are similar to the three furies. They seek out people who have committed unspeakable crimes, and they make them pay. I loved the similarities and the subtle references. The ending was not what I expected at all, which is always a nice surprise. The writing was beautiful, the cover is pretty, and the plot forces readers to stay hooked. I am anxious for the next two in the series, though it will be a while. Great read!