Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Take Down The Walls

Lena has been on the run with her group. They are outrunning the resistance, surviving the Scavengers, and most of all trying to just live. In Lena's world, Love is the Disease. So many have been cured, but after the death of the governor of Portland, the world has broken out into an all out war. Her group and her have been searching for safety, praying for a chance to overcome the war and somehow come out on the other side. She has Julian, whom she saved from  the resistance, but things are more complicated now that Alex has joined her pack. Alex, who showed her the way of the uncured, Alex, who supposedly gave his life for her to escape, Alex...her first and true love. The book follows Lena and her group across the country through everything. The main goal, to return to Waterbury where there should be a group waiting for them with more people to create more of an impact. When plans change, Portland is where they decide to have their final stand off with the government, Lena's old home. The entire time she battles within herself...Is Alex gone and dead to her like he says, can Julian ever fill that void, will they all survive?
On the other side, Lena's old best friend, Hana as been cured. She lives a life anyone would want...she will soon be matched to the governor's son, Fred. But something isn't sitting right. She constantly things of Lena, her family, and the mess on the other side if town where all the uncured reside. Fred's previous wife is no where to track down, which makes the journey even more uneasy. The more Hana discovers about her husband to be, his plans for the town, and everything going on in this world, she starts to realize that survival is not only for the Wild, it is for the here and now.

Requiem by Lauren Oliver  is the final book in the series and represents a dystopic society where love is a disease and needs to be cured. However, the whole concepts spirals deeper as the books go on. Book one focuses on the outbreak: Love. Book two takes the reader into battle. You see the government trying to control this outbreak of uncured, throwing them to different parts of the city, opening fire without cause. Lena's strength gets her out of her town and forces her to reestablish herself as a new member of the Wild. Broken hearted, she fights, and throughout the journey discovers how the government is taking control of the issue.
I know a lot of my friends read book one and were turned off because it was too much love. Books 2 and 3 do not reflect her love interests, but the war. Honestly, you can see the similarities between the way this government chooses to react and the real world we live in. Reading the books, I was so taken in by the war, the survival, and the choices people had to make in order to keep going. Love is the main reason, but by book 3 it spirals so far out of control you aren't sure of the disease anymore. And I think that is the important thing to keep in mind. Sometimes you forget why you're even fighting a war in the first place.
Hana's point of view adds a whole other view because she's cured. She's on the inside. But the things around her start to unravel, and she has to make choices she could possibly die from. It makes the reader believe that maybe this whole cure they have in place does not work so well.
The characters are defined and strong, the concept is amazing, and the writing makes you want to read more. I truly believe Oliver did a great job with the build up to the "final stand", and she did an excellent job of keeping the reader interested. Trust me the romance isn't so profound that you want to throw up. It's done so perfectly that you don't even recognize it's there.
I strongly suggest this series. It's a great trilogy, and it truly does show the free world, the oppressed world, and how people represent each party.

"We give people the power to choose. They can even choose the wrong thing."