Sunday, September 21, 2014

I Had Every Intention Of Surviving. I Wasn't Going Out Of The World Like This

Tess's journey has come to a close in the last in the Lost Souls trilogy: Creators by Tiffany Truitt.  Throughout the three novels, the reader is introduced to a broken heroine named Tess.
She lives in a futuristic world where the Naturals are forced into ghettos, manual labor, and disregarded as human beings. Not only does growing up in these communities make it hard to exist, women are also unable to give birth. Women are feared- therefore their ability to live after giving birth was taken away. The Creators, or the government, punish the Naturals and force them to serve the Chosen Ones, the creation of the ideal "race".
Tess falls in love with the Chosen One, James, but each day for them is a struggle. Between being forced to separate, almost being killed, being neglected, and then suddenly finding herself thrown into a rebellion, Tess wants nothing more than to see James and start a life. Especially because she discovered she is one of a rare breed that can give birth without dying.

The rebellion has begun, and Tess is finally reunited with her father; however things don't result in such a happy reunion. Her father strives to kill, destroy, and take over the Creators, but he isn't concerned who he may lose along the way. Meanwhile, Tess finds herself struggling to stay strong for her pregnant sister, Louisa.
As the days turn into weeks, and James begin to fade away, Tess finds herself hoping and wanting this new world the rebellion promises. But is the fire for rebellion more strong than her deep love for James and freedom?
This was a really great series. It's a little unknown, which is why I am the only one who edited it on shelfari. However, it is one that truly needs more attention. You can see commonalities to The Hunger Games and other series where the government has complete control. But, Truitt shows a deeper parallel to our world's past history. Forcing people to live in poverty, trying to control how they live, and when they get out of order- enforcing punishment that forces them to serve the higher class. It was almost shocking how similar our two worlds were.
I fell in love with Tess's character because as a reader, you can see her pain. She is broken, with nothing left than to hope for a better future. James is her hope and the only piece that keeps her going.All around her Tess is surronded by people who would choose to fight, who have so much hate that it's hard to her to see the light.  The entire series showed her strength, her power, and her true desire; even if it wasn't the same among her companions.
This series was a set of great books that show although there is so much hate in the world, there are those who choose peace, love, and isolation. Tess discovers her own strength, at the same time, she fights for her freedom. Even if her freedom isn't the same as the rebellion, it's a choice she is willing to make for her.
In case you need more convincing- I cried during the last chapter of this one. Yea, I know! It was an ending no one could have predicted, but one that brings hope, and it shows strength. Each character found the path that best represented them- and overall, it was a journey worth taking.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Lady Never Starts A Fight, But She'll Finish It

Harper Price has everything- she's super smart and the president of practically every club/ association, she's popular with a super hot boyfriend, and she is a shoo in for Homecoming Queen this year. Perfect. Except when the janitor dies and passes on his magic powers to her. And then she is forced to kill her history teacher with her brand new powers.
Harper soon discovers she has been given the powers of a Paladin, a guardian who must protect the Oracle at all cost. And her Oracle...her arch enemy since grade school- David. With the help of her Cotillion trainer and Mage (who maintains the balance between Oracle and Paladin), Saylor, Harper begins to realize the ancient ties that unite all three of these powers, and she might even be thinking about David a little too often. But there are people who want David dead, and worse. With the knowledge they all possess, Harper must find the the evil and protect David at all cost, even if it means risking her life.

This is one of those moments I judged a book by its cover. But come on- it is pretty :). Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins takes place in the south, so one can get the whole feel of this overly dressed, overly polished, and overly polite world. I felt it was perfect because it added a little charm, which is always nice when reading high school realistic fiction. Harper is the typical popular girl, but she's not mean girls. Her sister was killed in a car accident, and Harper tries to overachieve in order to escape the hole she feels.
As the story goes on- the Paladin, Oracle, Mage paranormal creatures do seem interesting. It fits, no matter how crazy, and it doesn't feel forced. As the novel goes on you get a good balance of the life Harper desperately is trying to hold onto and the life she might have to give up to save David. Harper is not a push over, but she is typical Susie High School. It gets a little fluff-ish- but once the end comes it is unexpected and completely twisted.
The author did a nice job of connecting the two, but let's say what it really is- a quick fluff read with a
little splash of paranormal elements.
I thought it was entertaining; I will definitely read the next in the series, but it is not to be confused with  Infinite or Chemical Gardens Trilogy. Rebel Belle is cute, fun, and yes, a little risque. Worth a read if you need a filler between series, or you are just looking for a quick pick me up.