Sunday, November 17, 2013

Only Sunlight Can Save Us

In a distant future, Vampires roam the United States and coexist. The war has ended between both species, but a wall separates the potential danger. Even though both sides have a mutual agreement on blood supply, less humans want to donate, so more vampires become desperate to feed. Dawn's parents were the official delegates for Lord Valentine, and they were killed doing a standard visit. As a result, Dawn was named the youngest, new delegate. Visits to Valentine Manor are typical and expected from her job description, but that doesn't mean she is unable to handle the pressure.
Her last night with no worries and partying turns into an almost fatal run in with vampires, until Victor saves her and her best friend, Tegan. Dawn never expects to see him again, let alone find out he is Valentine's son.
Desperately trying to increase the blood supply, Dawn is pressed for time, but unwilling to be intimidated by an old family Vamp...or his son. As time goes on, Victor begins to show a softer side; one that Dawn never expected from a vampire. Now, her thoughts are filled with Victor, her soon to be Night Watchmen boyfriend, Michael, and her recent stalker (who may just be one of Valentine's lackeys willing to strike at any time).
The world continues to spin out of control when her mentor is attacked, Victor expressed his need to over throw his father, and even though Tegan seems happy with the new guy, Sin, there is definitely something different about him. Can Dawn handle the pressure, and will she give in to what her heart's ultimate desire is?

Darkness Before Dawn by J.A London begins with a typical Vampire vs Humans story line. Yes, it has a little True Blood vibe to it. To be honest, I wanted to read it so bad because Barnes and Nobles did not have it in stock, and the cover to the third one, which WAS in stock, was pretty and interesting. The minute I started reading I went in neutral; not knowing what to expect. However, it is QUITE different from Twilight, so please don't let the vampire/human thing scare you off.
The characters are very one dimension; there isn't much to them other than typical high school issues. Dawn is a strong female character, but only because the job forced her to be. She wants to prove she is a force to be reckoned with, but readers get a little confused when they realize...this 18 year old is the only communication between the Vampire race and the humans? It seems odd and even odder that the government trusts a teenager in charge of such affairs.
Get past the immediate confusing plot holes, and it reads just like a typical teen drama. Dawn has the good looking, protective boyfriend, her best friend is boy obsessed, and aside from the drama in school, all teenagers are armed with stakes and some background in self-defense. Victor shows up, and he is just different; not in a sparkle sparkle kind of way. He rescues the girls from a vampire attack, but suddenly Dawn discovers he is one. Victor's heart is gentle, and he begins to show Dawn the other parts of the city she is not so aware of. He shows her a different side to the vampire race and explains to her why he must dethrone his father, so her hate for the race begins to dissolve. 
As much as I seem off about this book, I did, actually, enjoy it. The plot was not so romance related to be nauseating, and the end of the book did actually come as a surprise to me. The more the story continued, I was siding with Victor and wanting for the two worlds to reunite and for everyone to live in harmony. Fat chance, as with all "too good to be true" moments, but it was a good thought.
It is a trilogy, so I grabbed the second one to continue to story. The author did a nice job of making me care because the amount of plot holes in the beginning may have been enough to deter a lot of people.
Don't expect too much from it, but it's a good read. It's quick, a little different, and far from the whole sparkle vampire, sexy werewolf, and desperate, uninteresting main heroine.