Tuesday, June 18, 2013

They Were Just Science Experiments...Gone Wrong

It's been a while since the last post, but I have started revisiting old favorites. The reason...well my public library won't let me hold onto a best seller for more than 3 weeks, and with finals (because we all know high school students are extremely needy) I haven't had a chance to try something new. I need my brain to focus on new books, but past loves, I can easily get through quickly. Here's what I'm on:

Chloe Saunders is an average 15 year old, until she gets shipped off to the looney bin because she
was "seeing ghosts". Once there, she is thrust into the world of the Edison Group; lots of therapists 24/7, and a group of kids around her age who all seem to have something a little off. Chloe is slapped with a schizophrenic label and medicated, just like the others, so all seems natural. Until, Chloe begins to see things, hear things, and suspect that maybe the diagnosis at this hospital isn't truthful. Her roommate, Liz, is said to throw things across the room and make things move without anyone seeing her actually touch them. Now, after one outburst, she's gone; left to be rehabilitated, the nurses say. But why can Chloe see her days later, as a ghost? Derek and Simon, two step brothers with enough issues between the two, take notice of Chloe and her "abilities". She realizes she's a young necromancer, so she was seeing something; it wasn't a mental illness. 
Chloe begins to see that maybe these illnesses the group presents are just a front; so what's the hospital hiding? All they know is they are apart of some kind of experiment, so they need to get out, find Simon's father, and get some answers. But, can they all escape the Edison Group's clutches? Are the answers they seek even able to be found?

The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong is the first in the Darkest Powers Trilogy. I absolutely fell in love with this series once I first read them. The writing is good, not the best I have ever read, but it flows nicely. Armstrong really does a nice job of capturing a fifteen year old's point of view. Plus, it's a new take on super powers. The kids all have something that is hidden, and it's not until they all recognize the lies that they realize they need to break out of this supposed hospital. The more things Chloe sees, the more the story unwinds and they realize this is no hospital, and they are not mental patients. Chloe's character changes dramatically throughout the novels, which is really amazing, so the reader knows she's actually growing up. All the characters, slowly but surely, do become more aware of their powers, stronger, and more attached to each other.
I will not say a bad thing about this series. This series centers around Chloe being a necromancer, which is an interesting power to take the spot light. I think that's why I was so drawn to the series, and I will always be. This is my second time around, and I am still enjoying the story, even though I already know the end. Definitely a must read! :)