Friday, October 7, 2016

Love Between Two People Can Make Life Worth Living...

Oh yes...another dystopian society!

Zoe lives in a world with no emotion. Humans have a chip inserted in the back of their necks to prevent any kind of emotional reaction. Once children become adults, there is a permanent chip inserted, so there is never a possibility of recreating the emotional feeling from the past. As a child, the chip may malfunction, or glitch, creating them to feel these emotions. If this happens, citizens are expected to come forward so they can be "fixed". Zoe has been glitching for months; she knows she should turn herself into the officials, but something always seems to stop her. These emotions she's overwhelmed with...they're exciting, new, and maybe they're the cause of these abilities she keeps having.

The day Zoe is called into the office is where she officially meets Adrien, the boy with the turquoise eyes who knows about her glitching and her abilities because he has abilities too. Adrien has premonitions, and he was able to see Zoe's abilities of mentally controlling objects. In a flash, Zoe is transported into the world of the Resistance who want to recreate the world with no chips, no malfunctioning, and no suffocating government control.
As time goes on, Zoe begins to remember the importance of the memories of her past, and her passion for gaining more knowledge grows. She discovers others who have similar abilities, and together they need to find a way to escape the confines of their government before they are found out and eliminated.

Glitch by Heather Anastasiu was a great read. It has just enough of the science fiction aspect in it, so it's not too over your head with technology and chips. Yes yes, I have problems when it goes too far into that stuff. Once you lose me, I am out. But Glitch was perfect. It was really neat to watch Zoe grow and discover these emotions for the first time. The ending was a cliff hanger, of course because it is a trilogy, but it is not really what you had anticipated. Of course some things are too convenient, but the concept is new and it works. Definitely worth a look!