Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm More Than Just A Piece of Their Games

So yes, I did read The Hunger Games a few years ago, but because I never posted, I am currently rereading all three books in the series, AND this huge movie craze came through, I figured I would throw my hat in the ring.

In a post apocalyptic world, there are 12 districts and one Capitol. In order to keep everyone in line, the Capitol puts together a yearly reaping where two young men and women are randomly selected from each district in order to participate in the Hunger Games. This game is a televised fight to the death where the winner receives fame and fortune, but needs to survive the twenty four tributes in an arena that is unpredictable.
After her sister, Prim, was selected, Katniss volunteers to go in her place. So, the two tributes find themselves on a fast paced train ride to the Capitol. Being from District 12, Katniss and Peeta don't seem to stand much chance against the wealthier districts of 1, 2, 3, and 4. However, with a little help from their survival instincts, clever plans of showing the world they won't go quietly, and their will to beat the odds, the Capitol may have a few surprises coming to them in this year's gauntlet.

I cannot express how amazing this series was! From start to finish I was breathless. After reading the third one, I needed to walk away from the series for a while because it was that emotionally exhausting. You become attached to the characters, and it becomes impossible to put the books down. Every adult I have talked with about these books says the same thing. I have yet to find someone who does not fall in love with these books.
The movie, surprisingly, was also amazing! Of course everyone has a different opinion, but I feel they were pretty spot on with the plot. They didn't leave huge holes out, although, of course, they left out many things. But the many things weren't as big as people would think. It was a well done movie and I cannot cannot CANNOT wait until the 2nd one comes out. I will be buying all of those movies on dvd on their release date, by the way.
The movie sparked my obsession with the series, so now I am rereading in order to suppress my annoyance that the second movie has yet to have a release date on it. Of course, the first one just came out, but still.
These books are a favorite of mine. Absolutely so well done. Read these books. Don't know of another way to say it.

<3 Team Peeta <3 Always forever, Peeta is my future husband. Deal with it.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

one hundred days but still no sign...

Wither by Lauren DeStefano was an exceptional book. I have a past post about it, so I will not proceed to bore you with it's details. The sequel, Fever, has proven to be just as amazing as the first.  Trust me you're going to want to read Wither. It was one of the best books I read last year because it touched on subjects more mature than the typical teen read. Not to brag, but everyone I recommended the book to loved it. It's great if you're looking for something besides the typical "I'm a sixteen year old girl and my only worry is not having a boyfriend", or the upcoming end of the world craze.
If you have yet to read the first and you don't want me to ruin the end, then ignore this post and come back. Even a short summary can give away the ending to the first. Sorry in advance.
Rhine and Gabriel have escaped the mansion in hopes of finding Rhine's twin brother, Rowen, in Manhattan, but their troubles have not ended here. Upon arriving to shore, the two are whisked away into a world of fantasy. They are trapped in this carnival/brothel, and Rhine and Gabriel fear they need to find a way to escape before they become one of the side show acts. The carnival may bring it's own piece of horror, but Rhine's father in law, Vaughn, has not given up looking for his lost son's bride, and he will stop at nothing to bring her back.

Amazing read! This book is a great set up for the finale, which I cannot keep it together for! You can really see Rhine's love for Gabriel and her twin brother, Rowen. She is risking everything to be back with him, even after almost a year's time as passed since her capture, and this is the journey she and Gabriel take together. There are feelings of remorse, hatred, fear, and confusion, but the two are strong and balance each other, which I found really nice to see while reading this. It is always nice to have a balance in the two lead characters; even though Gabriel doesn't have a voice, I felt like I could tell what he was thinking because of how DeStefano made the character likeness.
Wither was a little better, in my opinion, because it was the essence of longing for freedom, captivity, secret romance, and the bond between sister wives. I feel like the 2nd to any trilogy isn't ever as good as the other two because there has to be that build up for the final one. Fever was a great read. It is leading up to a much anticipated 3rd book, so this is extremely exciting. :) It's been a while since a book has left me breathless, and I feel like this series has and by the end will leave me as exhausted as The Hunger Games did.