Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Two Hearts, One Destiny

Scarlett and Rosie March are sisters, best friends, and hunters. They hunt Fenris, werewolves who stalk and kill young girls. Years ago, Scarlett saved Rosie's life from a Fenris; however, no act of courage goes without some tragedy. Ever since the day their grandmother was killed and Scarlett lost her eye, both girls have been hunting these werewolves, hoping to put an end to their existence.
Their long time friend, Silas, returns from his trip, only to realize that the Fenris population is gaining. Scarlett discovers in order for them to keep fighting, they need to go to Atlanta where the 3 packs ( Bell, Coin, and Arrow) are planning to hunt down their Potential. Once they find this specific wolf, they could gain power among the other packs, but it is up to the three friends to find the Potential first.
On their hunting spree,  Rosie discovers she may not have hunting in her soul as her sister does; also she thinks she may be falling in love with Silas. But what would a huntsman of 21 years old want with her? The more the trio encounters, the more danger they find themselves in. Finally, they see the end in sight, but are they willing to come face to face with the truth, or will it separate them and change their lives?

Sister Red by Jackson Pearce first caught my attention because of the Red Riding Hood angle. The story paints a different picture from the classic fairy tale, but it shows the true heart of both these sisters. Scarlett is fearless and married to the hunt, whereas Rosie is constantly repaying the service her sister did for her years before, but she has a different life path and different desires. Silas helps to convince Rosie of her abilities and experiences outside of hunting; he tries to help her free herself from the hunt and constant turmoil it causes.
Bottom line, there is not much to this book character wise. All three characters are clearly labeled, and they stay this way throughout the novel.
The one thing I really liked about this book was there were different twists that I did not expect. This may be a fluff read, but the sudden plot changes did impress me and cause me to react. Yes, I gasped a few times out loud, which did result in odd looks by my fellow gym members. Oh well.
The ending was not as expected, and Rosie does surprise readers with her abilities and strengths that we did not assume she possessed.
It's a quick read, there's not much to it, but it's worth it if you are interested in warped fairy tales. Definitely an interesting take on a classic.