Monday, June 23, 2014

Secrets Can Be Dangerous and Destroy a Reputation

 The scene is Manhattan 1899; beautiful women in grand dresses, handsome men, and lots of wealth to go around. The Hollands are a prestigious family among the city, however they have their fair share of secrets to hide. Elizabeth, the oldest daughter, is prim and proper on the outside, however her love affair with the stable boy, Will, is something locked up tight that no one can know about. After all, she is their only hope for family stability, considering her younger sister, Diana, is a spit fire. Diana is sixteen, unable to listen to rules, however she has a certain charm to her. And she has caught the eye of eligible bachelor, Henry Schoonmaker. 

Henry's family is also well regarded, however he appears to be a bachelor who won't grow up. Until his father forces him into an engagement that would be best for both families involved.
Then there is Penelope Hayes who is the city's favorite lady to gossip about. With her risque choice of clothing and behavior, it is no wonder she has caught so much of the city's limelight. She and Elizabeth are depicted as complete opposites in the press, yet the two are the best of friends. However, Penelope's hopes and desires come to a screeching halt when Elizabeth is promised to Henry; Henry whom she adores, spends secret rendezvous with, and whom she expected to be married to. And we haven't even mentioned Lina, Elizabeth's maid who only has eyes for Will, but will soon discover a secret about the Hollands that will make her despise Elizabeth.
In this small city, the gossip wire runs pretty thick with scandals, secrets, and backstabbing. How fair are these women able to go in order to achieve their ultimate passions?

 The Luxe Series by Anna Godbersen is a very dramatic series. The best way to describe this series is candy that can rot your teeth, but you eat it anyway. Readers do read on because we crave the scandal too. I think the author did a great job of making this gossipy between characters, but not creating a new "Gossip Girl" or "Pretty Little Liars", which are complete trash. The Luxe describes the Manhattan scene during the time period, and she does an awesome job of developing a good list of characters that readers can relate to. Everyone wants the good girls to win, but there is something so intriguing about the mean girls. The men are handsome and delicious, the women have lavish dresses and personalities, and the whole scene is overrun with an exquisite and juicy plot that envelopes all the characters into a world of betrayal.
I am rereading this series because it is truly amazing. It's a well written gossip column that makes readers laugh and cringe at the same time. You have your favorites, you see how the scene unfolds, and in the end, I felt all the characters got what they deserved. DEFINITELY worth a read; it's quick, it's easy, but it's truly something that is so fun you forget you're reading. Plus the covers are so pretty!!