Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Wasn't A Project. I Wasn't An Experiment. I Wasn't A Blasted Butterfly

Imagine being born into a world where everyone knows you, and you're constantly reminded of how unwelcome you are. Ana is a "no soul", someone who was not reincarnated. In her world everyone has lived thousands of lives because once they die, they are reincarnated. Different body, same soul. The day Ana was born, Ciana died for good. Devastated, the community wasn't sure how to react, but from what she's heard, Ana knows she's disliked.
After living with her mother for eighteen years, Ana journeys out on her own to the city of Heart in order to find some answers. On the way, she encounters spyths(ghost like creatures that can burn and kill), and many near death experiences, but she also finds Sam. There is as softness about him, and the more the two travel together the more she discovers about him. Although Sam defends her, there are still people inside and outside of Heart that do not welcome Ana's presence. As the weeks go on, she desperately searches for answers of her past and future. When an old friend comes back into the picture, it threatens to take away all she's worked for, and the new love she's found.

Incarnate by Jodi Meadows was a very interesting read. I had it on my shelfari shelf for a few months, and finally managed to get to reading it. What struck me was the subject because it was very different. As I was reading the first chapter, I found myself being bored and confused, but with these books I tend to stick it out. I am glad I did.
It is difficult to understand Ana's dilemma because it is so unnatural. She is truly alone; the only person in her world that is a new soul. The terrible abuse her mother put her through leaves Ana with not choice but to trust no one. Readers can tell immediately that her spirit is fragile. Even when Sam shows her nothing but kindness, Ana's first instinct is to run.
This book has a great deal of self-discovery moments, and the tension between Ana and Sam is incredible. I fell in love with the concept, plus the idea of music being part of a person's soul is very easy to relate to. You as a reader are always skeptical of the surroundings because Ana is, but Sam is always the sure thing. Everyone needs a friend like Sam :)
Such a cool story. Definitely a change from the recent subjects, but worth a look.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Her Return From The Underworld Marks the Beginning of Spring...

Nikki Beckett's life took a rough turn. Then she vanished; sucked into the world of Everneath; a place filled with immortals who feed on human despair and pain. But now she's returned to her old life, only to be reminded her time on earth is a short one.
She has six month before the Everneath claims her once again, this time forever. She uses this time to reconnect and say her formal goodbyes to her family, friends, and old boyfriend. Her love for Jack was what brought her back, and now she must come to terms with the fact that this time she will lose him, forever. Cole, the immortal who brought her to the Everneath, is desperately trying to convince Nikki to return with him to rule the underworld. Nikki's strong will continues to fend him off, but once time gets closer for her return, will it be her only option?

Everneath by Brodi Ashton is a bittersweet retelling of the Persephone myth. I really enjoyed how Ashton managed to weave mythology into the novel. It is, of course, modern, so it is a little flaky and lame at times, but the fact that Ashton incorporated a really neat myth into a teen read is awesome.
Nikki really does come of age because of her return. Her reasoning for entering Everneath was very impulsive, and there were points in the novel where I didn't feel sorry for her because of it. However, Jack still cares for her. His feeling, his emotions, and his genuine love for her is so apparent. I felt sorry for Nikki simply because of him. Don't get me wrong, Nikki is a good main character and readers do feel her pain and her longing, but there are times when you will question your feelings simply because she is a seventeen year old girl who acts impulsively.
Cole is a great character. I liked how conniving he was, yet, you could tell his "heart"  belongs to Nikki. He and her had great banter, and he always tended to show up unexpectedly and unannounced. He feeds on despair and pain, but he also can make people feel his emotions. Anger, sadness, love. It was really incredible. Plus, who doesn't love a good bad guy; especially one who is a rock star?

The novel is definitely worth a read. I wouldn't go in expecting a classic, but a modern take on an old myth is quite refreshing. It will be the first of a trilogy, so this forces readers to wonder what else Ashton has in store for this Everneath world.