Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I Will Have My Revenge

It takes two people to keep a secret, and in Frances's case she is one of the only ones left who can reveal the truth. When the luxury yacht, Persephone, overtakes a tragic end, Frances and her friend, Libby, appear to be the only two who escape. Days later, Frances survives and is rescued by Libby's father; she then discovers there were two other people who witnesses the tragedy: Senator Wells and his son, Grey. However, Grey and his father lie about the outcome of the event claiming it was a rouge wave that overtook the ship, but this was not what Frances remembers from that day. Her
parents, Libby's mother, and every person on board that yacht were murdered in front of her.
Knowing the truth, Libby's father offers Frances safety and a chance for new life by taking on Libby's identity. However removed she gets from the tragedy, Frances cannot forget the pain and suffering and continues to plot her revenge against her one time love, Grey, and his father.
As she slips seamlessly into Libby's new life, and her plan becomes more and more real,  Frances comes faced with countless obstacles in achieving her plan. And, when it comes down to it, will she be able to betray Grey? Or has someone else plotted to silence her for good?

Carrie Ryan's Daughter of Deep Silence is a thriller that revolves around the idea of retribution. I am a huge fan of Ryan's work as I read her other series, The Forest of Hands and Teeth, twice through. Her writing is great, and she has this way of creating such a connection between the reader and the heroine. Frances finds herself suddenly orphaned with no one and no life to return to after the tragedy. Libby's father takes her in and gives her a life, but you can still sense her anger, her pain, and of course her need for revenge. She has plotted and planned; the lengths she goes to for this plan to succeed is truly remarkable. Every single detail down to the name of the senator's secretary has been thought through and thoroughly placed.
I marked this as a "self-discovery" book because throughout Frances becomes less Libby and truly begins to realize who Frances is and was. It is evident to readers the need for revenge has overtaken Frances and Libby's identities so the line between real and fiction is fading. The journey this novel takes is definitely suspenseful. Honestly, I feel it was a great thriller that truly left readers wondering who are the Wells's covering for, and what happens when they catch on that "Libby" is alive and on their trail. Definitely a great read with a unexpected end.