Monday, March 7, 2016

Don't Open...Dead Inside

Of course I am into The Walking Dead t.v series on AMC. I mean at this point you either like the show, or you haven't seen enough of it to form an opinion. Because come on....who really dislikes it?

I always said I wanted to read the comics, The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore, because a lot of people said they were so good; plus I heard the show goes in a significantly different direction than the books. Luckily, the boy has 1-17, so I borrowed them. I was going through a reading slump, but graphic novels (a.k.a comics) go so quickly.

Quite honestly, I am enjoying the comics. Rick is still a bad ass, events are still accurate to the series timeline, but of course there are different things along the way. I mean the major thing is Daryl is not in the comic. So the entire first issue I am waiting for the redneck with the cross bow, however I keep reminding myself that he and Merle do not exist in the comic book world. They are not the only character that Hollywood embellished. Let's be real, the comics have a lot of detail Hollywood either left out, or just chose to go in another direction with.

The comics are well done; I love the art work, and the story is just so great. I am so glad I picked these up because it does make you fall in love with The Walking Dead and the characters so much more. I know things are missing, but I watch the series for the enjoyment value at this point. I hope to get through the series of comics quickly, which shouldn't be too hard because they go so quickly. And they are thoroughly entertaining. HIGHLY recommend. And if you haven't seen the series...NETFLIX BING THAT! If not for the least do it for Daryl. :p

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